In more than 25 years of business, we have gained experience and know-how in the world of cultural merchandising, enabling us to offer various services to the multifaceted and ever-changing world of museums

Editorial consulting

Through our editorial department, we provide Museums, Exhibitions and Events with a complete editorial supply service, working together with the client on the analysis and initial supply of titles, set-up, and sales management.

Visual Merchandising

Thanks to our store experience, we collaborate with the client in providing suggestions and display materials to display the products in the best possible way within the store and museumshop, also taking care of the communication and maketing of each product, finding the right space for each item within the store

Store design

We curate the birth and development of retail environments in cultural and corporate settings, drawing on our daily experience as managers, and collaborating with dedicated professionals for every aspect of the final design and implementation.

Communication and marketing

Our work does not end with the delivery of products: we are actively engaged in making sure that the product finds its proper place in the store and in-store and online communication. Together with our clients, our communication and marketing team carries out promotional campaigns to sell and promote our clients' products and services, ensuring the maximum end result for our clients.


Artefatto is the official dealer of the Egyptian Museum, National Automobile Museum and Lavazza Museum in Turin, the circuit of the Civic Museums in the city of Verona, and the visitor centers of Gran Paradiso National Park.