2020 has changed our lives, or habits, our work. We have renounced our daily life, our culture, our museums, we miss the direct relationship with our customers and partners.
We want 2021 to be a new dawn, full of novelties partnerships, and common growth.
Corague, trust and innovation are needed to do that.


In summer 2021 Artefatto will deploy, in a selected number of Museum Shops and Tourist sites all over Europe, a thematic display unit containing our bestselling items: products optimised in terms of quality and price; they are historically correct and proven commercial viability. The display unit will be available at exclusive conditions, allowing new partners to assess the sales performance of items during the coming tourist season on a risk-free basis.

BeBox in numbers

new bestsellers items
to be tasted for sale, risk-free


right to return
guaranteed on all unsold products


mark-up guaranteed
on all sold products


needed space
and cost for in-store exhibition


Three different themes


Il lancio del progetto BeBox #Museum è previsto per l’estate 2021.




The project will be launched through a selected number of museum shops

Who is it for?

ITALY, AUSTRIA, GERMANY, FRANCE, HOLLAND, SWEDEN and DENMARK will be the first countries to enjoy BeBox #Museum project.


During the launch period, both the display unit and the items are being offered on an
100% RIGHT TO RETURN basis,
allowing partners, at the end of the trial, to decide how and whether to pursue the partnership

Join the project

Use the form application to enjoy BeBox #Museum project, and reserve the thematic display unit for your shop, museum shop or tourist site, with 100%
right to return guaranteed on all unsold products.